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CLUTCH PEDAL - Insufficient Travel -- FT-047
MG Owners Club, UK, part number AHH5841

RHD cluch pedal RHD brake pedal
Above, RHD Clutch Pedal Above, RHD Brake Pedal
Below, LHD Clutch Pedal, arrows showing contact points for Up-stop and Down-stop.

LHD clutch pedal

In the process of conversion from Left Hand Drive to Right Hand Drive, a new RHD clutch pedal was procured from MG Owners Club. Upon installation pedal travel was 4-1/4 inches when it should be 5-inches. On comparison with an original LHD clutch pedal, the new one was too wide front to back near the top were it strikes the up and down stops. Photo at right is the original LHD clutch pedal with arrows showing where the part will touch the stops. The up-stop is the long steel tube with the bolt through it. The down-stop is the back edge of the rectangular hole in the master cylinder mounting plate.

On 8/15/2011, David Whiteley wrote:
"At both of these points, the new RHD pedal was thicker when viewed in side profile and with pivot point and clevis pin holes lined up. To put it another way, with LHD pedal on top of RHD pedal, one could see 1/4" of RHD pedal at "Up" stop point and 1/8" of RHD pedal at the "Down" stop. Grinding out the excess metal solved the problem - I did it as notches but I guess one could be more purist than that and do a full re-profile. The part number concerned is: AHH5841 - clutch pedal RHD, late 1500 and onwards".

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