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NOS Locators (Scarborough Faire) is the supplier for this one.
Replacement for BMC part numbers:
AJH5128 Cyinder and supply tank assembly (1500)
17H7705 Cyinder and supply tank assembly (1600)
AJH5082 Body
(machined casting for the master cylinder)
Used on: MGA 1955-1962 (not Twin Cam or "Deluxe" cars)

On 9/20/2016, Timothy Trevithick wrote:
"Installed a new combined brake/clutch master cylinder, which leaked and took the paint off a freshly restored bulkhead panel. After 3 R&R's (and 2 repaints so far) .... the problem has been identified. It is a porus casting on the cylinder, leaking fluid through the body about 2-in" back from front and approx 1-1/2-in above bottom of cylinder on clutch side.
"There are at least 3 separate manufacturers of these cylinder today (maybe more), TRW, 'Lucas', and those from NOS Locators [Scarborough Faire], which come in a plain white box with handwritten description in what appear to be black 'sharpie' pen. The NOS Locators [Scarborough Faire] one's have an old style metal cap and slotted screws locating top and front plate..close in appearance to the originals, but with much shallower screws. The TRW and Lucas brands appear to have bolts rather than 'machine screws' holding top and front plates on. So far I've had zero issues with the other brands.
"I've had 2 others from NOS Locators [Scarborough Faire] cylinders that leaked, one from front plate and one from top cover (tightening screws further resolved this in both cases). I now check tightness of screws before installation on every one fitted. As is often the case with this vendor, so far they are not being very helpful". -- Tim T.

On 9/20/2016, Timothy Trevithick wrote:
"Leaking brake fluid caused significant damage to the MGA's horizontal part of firewall paint finish.. as well as several hours lost trying to resolve the issue. They have refused to replace the faulty part, as it was purchased more than 6 months ago. (I always keep at last 3 of these in stock, boxed as supplied, and offer different brands according to customer preference). Can you warn others that the castings of these NOS Locators supplied cylinders MAY be suspect. It is a problem I had not encountered before, but I suspect its not a 'unique' problem due to the way the individual I sought redress with at at NOS responded to my complaint (I asked for a replacement on receipt of the defective one, which has the leak area marked out so it can been seen). They refused to replace it". -- Tim T.

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