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TOOL For Installing Shift Lever - GT-114

shifter parts On September 30, 2010, Gil Dupre in Chattanooga, TN, USA wrote:
"I Recently decided to change my gearshift lever. Removal of the old one while in the car is a chore in itself".

1. Remove gearshift knob, rubber boot, and carpet from shifter area.
2. Remove screws holding tunnel cover.
3. Remove circlip from spring loaded shifter retainer, and slip the circlip, retainer and spring off the lever.
4. Slip a small screw driver or make a devise to fit in the slots on each side of the lever round bottom. Keep tapping it until the pins on each side slide out.
5. Pull up on the lever to remove it. Make sure there is a ball bearing in the lever socket hole (Item 148 in the Moss catalog).
removing shift lever removing shift lever removing shift lever
(Photos compliments of Ger Van Der Peet in Haarlem, Noord-holland, Netherlands).

Now to put the new one in.

1. Put new gearshift lever in the socket and force it down until the ball bearing snaps and hold the shifter down.
2. Line up the slots with the pins in the sides of the tower and tap them back in place.
3. The hard part now is to push the spring loaded retainer down while inserting the circlip to hold the retainer down.

After trying to do this and failing with frustration I made a simple device to accomplish this without damaging the chrome on the shifter. -- Gil
pipe used to compress spring
1. Cut off a 1.5 inch diameter piece of plastic pipe 6.5 inches long.
2. Slip the retainer and circlip down in place then put the plastic pipe down against the retainer.
3. While holding the plastic down compressing the spring with one hand slip a large washer and nut on the top threaded part of the gearshift lever where the knob threads and tighten the nut to hold the retainer down.
4. Compress the circlip until it locks in its grooves.

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