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FRONT SEAL for MGA and MGB Gearbox - GT-115

Early production MGA did not have a rubber seal at the front of the gearbox. Those gearboxes used a mechanical scroll seal. They can be converted to rubber front seal by installing the later model front cover. If you would be converting your clutch to MGB type diaphragm pressure plate type, that pressure plate is thinner and requires the clutch release arm to be located farther forward. For this application you can use the gearbox front cover from 1962-1967 MGB 3-synchronizer gearbox. All MGB gearboxes use the same rubber front seal as the late model MGA.

Seal Dimensions: Inside Diameter: 1.062 in (27.0 mm) -- 1-1/16" shaft size Outside Diameter: 1.756 in (44.5 mm) -- 1-3/4" housing bore Width: 0.312 in ( 7.9 mm) -- 5/16" seal thickness Original MGA part numbers: BMC 1H3138 Com.(g)A8011 BMC 22H475 New part number Additional part numbers: BMC 88G545 BMC OS4498 BMC 1A3636 BMC 9204Z90 BMC ATJ2034 Moss Motors USA 120-300 Victoria British 2-2250 CHRYSLER 10653 (C-R or SKF) CHRYSLER E95841M CHRYSLER T869 CLARK 102175 DELCO 298315 GM 36868 GM 44793 FORD E0A4248 NAPA 10653 (1/4" wide) STUDEBAKER 670844
Manufacturers: ABV 471718 AIRCOO 28X740 ALLISC 51611176002 ALLISC 5161117605002 ALLISC 5161117606002 AVCO 111632 C-R 10364 C-R 10365 C-R 10642 C-R 10652 C-R 10653 C-R 10658 C-R 10659 C-R 10680 C-R 17312 C-R 17511 C-R 17511M1 C-R 17512 C-R 17512M1 C-R 500787 C-R 501695 C-R 502330 C-R 507211 DIC 106173TB-H GARDNR 60G85 GARLOK 211580325 GARLOK 211580326 GARLOK 215270325 GARLOK 63X325 GARLOK 63X326 GARLOK 65X325 GARLOK 65X326 GARLOK 66X325 GMCOM0 7042868 GMCOM0 07046823 HERCUL 111632 JMANVL 01066771SS JMANVL 4648B JMANVL 6771SS JMANVL 6775LA JMANVL 7032LA JMANVL 9276LPD JMANVL 9276LUP L&S A54248S MCCOR 80437 National 471705 NOK BB0150E NOK BB0150E0 OEM 471718 OEM 50232 OEM 50232S REPCO PR3909 REPCO PR5030 Timken 471705 TROSTL 44230 TROSTL 44231 TROSTL A54248 SCHWIT C108190 SKF 10653 (1/4" wide) SKF 10655 (1/4" wide) SPICER SKT44976 UNIVER 102175 VICTOR 48678 VICTOR 60286

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