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rusty seat frame

more rusty seat frame

Three layers of seat covers - all falling apart. The original was black leather with red piping - but too far gone to make patterns

zipper foot being used as a piping foot. Sits off to one size of the seam being sewn and is adjustable. Get the heaviest duty one you can - this one is too flimsy, but I got a Singer foot which was very nice.

double piping detail for seat sides - you can see I missed here too - this time going too far into the welting. This is why I started sewing it with the piping side up vs. the later pic showing the black side up.

back of seam double stitched on seat back side pieces

finished double piping for seat sides - I made the seam across here upside down for both seats - oh well. The fold should be aimed down, not up.

restored pass side seat back with muslin "envelope" covering the horsehair padding and a new cardboard back hot glued onto the frame

sewing the double piping to the 1" wide (finished width - leave 3/8 to 1/2" per side for seam allowance) seat sides.

This is actually wrong - it's better to sew from the other side and let the foot run against the welting - stitch through the same seam as you used to make the welting to begin with.

Here is the padded front rail. Made with a piece of 1/2" plywood traced and cut to fit the lip of the cowl. I used T-nuts to secure it, and padded the front with leftover weatherstrip from the body packing kit that I bought. Same type of piping I have been making all along - large diameter above the dash and smaller between the rail and cowl.

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