The MGA With An Attitude

On 14 October 2011, J H Cole in Hampshire, UK wrote:
"I was so impressed with your fabrications that I made the nearest copy that I could. Not having a lath or the skills to go with it I made a negative mold from the dims you provided out of chipboard and a rotating arm with the cardboard stub stack profile. Filled with Polyfilla the arm rotates to give a passable negative mold for filling with glass reinforced epoxy filler. Sanded and sprayed black they are quite presentable and fitted to my car".


This is a similar set of stub stacks machined from Steve Styles preliminary design information, made by (or for) Frank Camilleri in Malta. Notice slightly thicker outer edges and larger counterbores for weld clearance.

On 27 October 2011, Frank Camilleri in Malta wrote:
"I went for a run in my A this afternoon, with the stub stacks fitted inside the air filters. I'm so impressed and so so happy. Throttle response is indeed fantastic, but I really like the way the engine runs now. It seems to go much faster with the stacks than it did without them. It really made all the difference, even my wife noticed the difference in performance. My sincere thanks to Steve Gyles for giving me all the necessary details to be able to fabricate the stacks, which were made identical to his and as per his specs. They really work a treat".

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