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WATER INJECTION by Edelbrock - PP-205

1983 ad from Popular Mechanics magazine
1986 ad from Popular Science magazine
Edelbrock water injectin ad
I normally try to avoid "religious wars" over "snake oil devices", but this one may have some merit in certain circumstances. It certainly has a well known name behind it, and there are lots of big block high power engine type folks who seem to believe it has some benefit. I don't believe for a minute that it will save any significant amount of fuel. The reason for posting this page is because there is at least one MGA Twin Cam owner who seems to like the device and the results after substantial long term use, and he has a question and needs some help.

On April 16, 2011, Dan Casey from the MGA Twin Cam Enthusiasts Group wrote:
"I ran an Edelbrock Vara-Jection model 9356, part no. 3950 water injection kit in my Twin Cam Coupe for 15 years before taking the motor out of same to travel around Australia in this car 10 years ago with a Toyota 4age motor installed. My original Twin Cam motor is presently being rebuilt and will be reinstalled back in the car within the next few months, so some of the pucka puckas may even want to talk to me again (purists- polishing brigade). I had the operating manual for this system but can no longer locate same, and the tagging I had installed on the wiring has been eaten off by moths. The module has 3 adjustment dials, shown as "A" with calibrations from 0-13, the center one is for "RPM" from 1-5 and the third one shown as "B" again from 0-13. I would like to reinstall this system on the car as the head was very clean of carbon when dismantled for overhaul. Who ever installed this originally certainly went to a lot of trouble installing the adjustable jets inside the air cleaners and I think I owe it to him to utilize his efforts. If I remember correctly this system also gave the motor a certain amount of extra punch and was lacking same when I disconnected the system when the water reserve bottle sprung a leak. Any help will be greatly appreciated. -- cheers Dan from sunny Queensland in Australia".

So, does anyone have the instruction sheet for this accessory?

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