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radiator duct panel From Jeorge Cervera (A.K.A. "Jaguar by Jorge") in San Diego.

"... the duct panel is far better in finish, but has the mounting flange upside down and the raised stamped X pressing is pretty nasty niether deep or wide enough ... rolled on a cheap machine ... but all are honest, decent value, will fit easily and of good guage (18) steel". -- Timothy Trevithick

"I have used his radiator duct panel. Without exaggeration, if I had a bead roller at home I could have made one more easily from flat steel versus the time I had in making his useable. All three grill mount holes had to be filled in and then redrilled, and the piece was not remotely symmetrical down a left/right centerline. I had to cut off the turned down edge that meets the inner wheelhouse and move it in to make it work. The bead rolled "X" was off center, curved instead of straight, too skinny, and one side was longer than the other. His shipping is higher than most, accompanied by a sob story about "sourcing panels from Mexico". -- Henry Miller, Chair City, NC, USA

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