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RADIATOR GRILLE, Jaguar by George - RT-405JJ

This supplier has some good comments on quality, and some bad (maybe more bad than good). He has lots of bad feedback on high shipping charges, poor customer relations, verbal abuse to customers expressing complaints, and resistance to returns or correction of problems.

On 25 June 2007, Neil McGurk in Workington, UK wrote:
"I have just received my grille from Jaguar by Jorge. I am terribly disappointed. The grille is far away from the original shape and the quality is absolutely appalling. The chrome finish has grinding/polishing lines throughout the surface, having an almost "brushed steel" like appearance in many places. The back of the grille is completely painted with a poor quality silver paint that comes off on ones fingers when touched. The surface was not cleaned prior to painting and has all kinds of contamination under the paint - including surface rust!
"The grille casing is not shaped at all like the original. The lower outer corners are much too square. The inner radius at the top of the grille outer apertures have far too small radius. Most obvious is the profile of the casing below the badge plinth is not shaped like the original, being much narrower and with sharper corners (much smaller radii). Equally annoying, if less obvious is the profile of the top of the grille shell. It rises a little too steeply from the top corners and is consequently too high in the center. The result is that it does not match the recess in the body panel.

"The badge plinth itself has not been chromed properly and has large "yellow" patches. It is also, very surprisingly, far from symmetrical in shape! Additionally, it does not have the same profile as the surround and consequently there are gaps at the bottom and sides.
"The grille part itself is awfully made. The aluminum bar to which the slats are riveted has been drilled in an amazingly haphazard fashion. Consequently the distances between slats are not consistent. The slats themselves are considerably narrower than the originals, giving much larger (and uneven) gaps in between.
"The mounting brackets do not match the originals, but can probably be bent somewhere close. The surface finish is poor (under that silver paint) and there are additional (removable) slotted mountings attached that could presumably be used to align with additional (new) holes to allow for more adjustment? However, the lower mountings are visible through the grille, so this would not look good!
"So in summary, it doesn't fit or match the body, it is a different shape to the original, with incorrect slats, it appears to be poorly made and it has a very poor quality chrome finish. This is in total contradiction with the advertising and looks nothing like the one pictured. That one looks like the original shape".

On 25 June 2007, Bill R in West Chester, PA, USA wrote:
"I was rather disappointed with the chrome on mine as well. It too revealed "brush" or sanding marks through the chrome. For the amount of money I paid I expected better".

On 25 June 2007, Jim Ferguson in North Carolina, USA wrote:
"I got a grill from Jorge over a year ago and was very satisfied with the plating and construction. There was a minor contour issue on the left side but it was my only problem. His shipping is high!! I contacted him about the contour problem and he offered to repair or replace it at no cost".

On 25 June 2007, Andy Bounsall in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada wrote:
"I bought a grille from Jorge a couple of years ago and was very pleased with the quality of the part. I wasn't pleased at being WAY overcharged for shipping...but that's another story".

On 25 June 2007, Neil McGurk in Workington, UK wrote:
"This is how the grille is marketed:
"This is simply not true. I don't know how liberal the advertising standards are in the US, but this would certainly be illegal in the UK".

On 29 June 2007, Gordon Pugh in Cornwall, UK wrote:
"My grill arrived this morning, all the same issues I'm afraid very disappointed. As you say does not match the one in the photos so this one will be going back".

On 29 June 2007, Neil McGurk in Workington, UK wrote:
"My main issue here is that this grill cost almost three times more than the new Tasker grille. I only bought it because I believed the crap in Jorge's advert. In fact it is no better and probably worse than the Tasker grille. I know I can fit it and make it look good to the untrained eye, but I believe it should be much better than that. I will post the following pictures so anyone else thinking of buying this overpriced product can see what they will get".

On 29 June 2007, Gordon Pugh in Cornwall, UK wrote:
"This is a pic of an original shell on brass for comparison".

This is apparently a good example of variable quality over time. In 2005 or so there were some generally satisfied customers. In 2007, very bad quality reported by all.

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