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RADIATOR GRILLE, Moss Motors - RT-405M1

On 12 March 2006, Carl Heideman at Eclectic Motorworks in Michigan wrote:
"I have fitted the new Moss grille and can say it is much better than the Tasker grille. The chrome is way better, the fit is better, the mounting brackets are pretty much in the correct spots (the lower ones on the Taskers were not). It is not perfect, but I have a pretty big collection of OEM grilles that I've measured and I can assure you they weren't perfect either. OEM grilles clearly had some pretty big tolerances/variations in them.
"I still recommend fitting a grille to a car before painting (that's what we always do), but I think the new grille will work well with most cars. If your car has been wrecked in the front sometime in its life (like about 2/3 of the cars we see at the shop), it may be a different story".

Note that a follow up production batch has a list of improvements and should be even better.

From Barney Gaylord:
I installed one of these on my car in 2007 and am generally pleased with it. It has more pronounced curvature where the outer edges mate the the body, so I had to pull the body nose out a little to match for a good fit. This obviously is best done during restoration work before final painting. The reason my body nose needed adjustment is because the previously fitted grille was a repro from the mid 1980s that was too flat, and the body was recontoured to fit the grille at that time. The new one is very much closer to original shape.
Quality is generally good considering it was manufactured to certain pricing goals aligned with the larger daily driver car market. Concours enthusiasts may voice some objections. My primary negative comment on this part is that the vent slats have single layer edges that can sometimes be sharp finger cutters. Original factory parts had double layer folded edges that would be very smooth and make the slats much stiffer (stronger). I think none of the currently available repro parts have that feature. For concours show quality it may be worth the cost and effort to find an original issue grille and have it repaired and replated to higher standards.

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