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NOSE PANEL (Grille Surround), Scarborough Faire - RT-406SF

On March 08, 2014, Bob Myers from Sparta, TN, USA wrote:
"I have two problems with mating the new shroud from SF to the body. The first problem is the width of the rain channel. It is approximately twice the width of the original. The sides and bottom of the original are approximately 90 degree (right angles), but the new channel sides are at approximately a 45 degree angle. This makes it very wide. The result is that while the bonnet fits well at the opening with a consistent gap at the front, the bonnet will not sit down because the “frame” inside the bonnet interferes with the extra wide rain channel.
Nose panel, Scarborough Faire
"To make matters worse, the shroud is a little wider overall at the point where it is mating to the existing tub. I can envision a way to fix up the outside by slitting the shroud at the seam and re-working. However, moving the rain channel inward could be a real nightmare. As you might have guessed the passenger side (front) is where the car was "pranged". I have tried a few things to spread the body a little wider, but nothing has worked so far. I need a bigger hammer!
Nose panel, Scarborough Faire
"Current thinking is to remove all of the inner lip of the rain channel on the shroud from one side to the other. Re-work the passenger side channel to line up the channel edge (hammer and tongs). Then use the cut-off lip and tack weld it back on to the bottom of the rain channel". -- Bob Myers

Since the car had been hit on the right front, the overall width mismatch may not be a fault of the new panel. This might be better determined by setting the bonnet panel into place to see how it aligns with the outboard step of the gutter around the front end. On the other hand the incorrect gutter profile is a BIG problem that would require a lot of labor hours of rework. My first reaction is, send it back. Let the supplier cover the expense of rework or replacement. I will refrain from making suggestions on how to do the field fix, as it appears to be prohibitively expensive to rework.

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