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REAR SPLASH PANELS, Forward, Scarborough Faire - RT-430SF

Splash panel in front of the rear wheel. This one from Scarborough Faire (2009 vintage) has all the proper surfaces and bends (in general). The narrow outboard seal flange appears to have been hammer formed with not the beast of care, a bit ragged and inconsistent on flange width. This flange may need to be ground down a bit narrower for the seal to seat properly.

Incidentally it has two captive nuts on the inboard flange where original panels had open clearance holes. This may seen like a nice touch, but wrenching on the bottom bolt head very close to the frame may be a knuckle busting chore if this panel is to be installed or removed while the body is on the chassis. I would consider removing the lower captive nut and using a loose nut as original for ease of wrenching. Perhaps remove the upper captive nut as well for originality. So far no word on how well it may fit.

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