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FRONT VALANCE, Fiberglass, Moss Motors - RT-434M1

This first report is one of long term experience. This is a fiberglass front valance panel I bought from Moss Motors in 1986, serving faithfully for 21 years, 214,000 miles on my car by time of this picture. It had seen more than few "road incidents" and was off for a little repair and repaint. I have considerable appreciation for the strength and durability of this piece. In all this time I don't think anyone ever noticed it was fiberglass unless I pointed it out. Of course I drive my car regularly, not a show car, so it doesn't have to be an original steel panel.

As shipped it was far too straight, I thought possibly a result of being squeezed into a shipping box the wrong shape (long and skinny to reduce volume for postal shipping limits). It required considerable push to curve it enough to conform to the car body during installation. After 21 years on the car it had settled in some but still retains a significant spring back like a leaf spring. I can only conclude that it was originally manufactured in that form with not enough curvature.

As I recall, the five larger holes were in the panel as received, while the smaller mounting holes needed to be drilled to suit (very easy to do). The surface gel-coat on the front side was solid and smooth, just scuff sand it and spray primer before painting. The rear side was random mat fiberglass, sealed but rough texture. I applied a few coats of primer and sanded it some to be smooth enough to wash and not trap dirt. You can find more pictures of the repair process in restoration article RT-626.

25 years on they may or may not have the same supplier, so this information may or may not apply to currently supplied parts.

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