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The Workshop Manual presents the short instruction for removing a leaf spring. Jack and support the car chassis on jack stands. Jack under the leaf spring to unload the rebound strap while you remove the U-bolts. Support the axle on jack stands, then lower the jack to relieve the spring load. Disassemble the rear shackle and remove the front bolt.

At 09:50 AM 10/24/04 -0700, Sam Perera wrote:
"Removing the [leaf] springs .... the passenger side front bolt .... is a bear to remove. .... I can't get a full hammer swing to knock out the bolt due to the body obstructing the swing. ....".

Put a wrench on the bolt head and turn it until it breaks loose (or breaks off). If you cannot get the bolt to turn freely, it will never come out with any amount of pounding. A torch would burn the rubber bushing. (which might be shot anyway). A fire on the rubber part is not nice. If you try to keep it burning long enough to remove the rubber, it would likely also burn the floor boards, not to mention the fuel tank hazard.
frozen bolt in front eye of leaf spring
If you can't get the bolt out, then use a hacksaw, saber saw or Sawzall to cut the bolt (and the center steel tube as well if necessary). Start on the side with the bolt head. Cut between the bracket and the spring. The bolt head will drop off, after which you can move the assembly to that side as far as the width of the saw cut. Then on the other side you only need to cut through the bolt (not the steel sleeve). Once the spring is out you can drive out the Silentbloc bushing and install a new one.

PITA, but it works.

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