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Camshaft liner remover and replacer (basic tool)

18G123AL - Camshaft liner reamer and remover/replacer component fibre box. - used for liner reamer tools and liner remover and replacer tools.
Camshaft liner remover and replacer
18G124A - Camshaft liner remover and replacer (basic tool). - Original part no. AJA5060
Camshaft liner reamer adapters This equipment consists of a basic tool 18G124A and various adapters (supplied separately) for different types of engines and for this model shown at right. Liners can be removed and replaced without the damage invariably associated with the use of improvised drifts. Full instructions for using the equipment will be supplied with each basic tool.

18G124B - Camshaft liner remover adapter, rear
18G124C - Camshaft liner remover adapter, centre
18G124F - Camshaft liner remover adapter, front
18G124H - Camshaft liner remover adapter, a pilot to be inserted into the front bearing when the centre liner is being removed or replaced.

NOTICE: These tools are used for camshaft bearings on the pushrod engines, and for the half-speed shaft bearings on the Twin Cam engine. These tools are not for use with the overhead camshaft bearings on the Twin Cam engine.

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