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This is a list of factory issue special workshop tools to be used on the MGA. Many of these were produced by Churchill on order from MG or BMC (or Austin earlier), in which case the Churchill part number is the same as the BMC part number. Illustrations of many of these tools can be found in Section Q of the MGA Workshop Manual. I will post links and web pages here when photos are available. If you have any pictures of these special factory tools, all contributions would be appreciated.

Dealers were supplied factory tools made by Churchill of England until the early 1970's. Then began using tools made in the USA by Zelinda, which are identical, Rear hub nut spanner, Zelinda same quality and part number, but have 2 small impressed dots (one is red) to identify. Zelinda was started by a German Engineer who had designed some of the tools, and had original drawings and production rights outside England, but appreciate more exact details. I now have an example of a Zelinda tool, shown at bottom of page 18G152.htm.

If you would like to procure any of these original tools, check with the eBay store for Old English Motor Company, and search for the part number of the desired tool. If it does not show up immediately, send a request to the store owner, as he may have it.

Part No.Description
301086Valve seat cutter kit Original part no. 301086
18G25Exhaust valve seat finish cutter Original part no. 201079
18G25AExhaust valve seat glaze breaker
18G25BExhaust valve seat top narrowing cutter Original part no. 301080
18G25CInlet and exhaust valve seat bottom narrowing cutter Original part no. 301081
18G27Valve seat cutter handle (Twin Cam)
18G27AValve seat cutter handle (square drive and) Original part no. 301076
18G27BFibre box, valve seat cutting tools Original part no. AJE5012
18G28Inlet valve seat finishing cutter (Twin Cam)
18G28AInlet valve seat glaze breaker (Twin Cam)
18G28BInlet valve seat top narrowing cutter
18G28CInlet valve seat bottom narrowing cutter
18G29Valve suction tool
18G29A    Suction pad - valve grinding-in tool
18G45Valve spring compressor
18G55APiston ring compressor
18G60Water pump bearing remover and replacer Original part no. GT60
18G69Oil pump relief valve grinding-in tool
18G70Steering wheel remover
18G98Starting dog nut spanner Original part no. GT98
18G123ACamshaft liner reamer (basic tool) - Original part no. AJE5001
18G123ABCamshaft liner reamer pilot, center
18G123ACCamshaft liner reamer pilot, rear
18G123ADCamshaft liner reamer pilot, rear (see 18G123S)
18G123ALFibre box (camshaft liner reamer and remover/replacer tools)
18G123BCamshaft liner reamer cutter, rear
18G123ECamshaft liner reamer cutter, front
18G123FCamshaft liner reamer cutter, center
18G123LCamshaft liner reamer pilot, front
18G123SCamshaft liner reamer pilot, rear
18G123TCamshaft liner reamer pilot, front
18G124ACamshaft liner remover and replacer (basic tool) - Original part no. AJA5060
18G124BCamshaft liner remover adapter
18G124CCamshaft liner remover adapter
18G124FCamshaft liner remover adapter
18G124HCamshaft liner remover adapter
18G174Inlet valve seat finishing cutter
18G174AInlet valve seat glaze breaker
18G174DValve seat cutter pilot Original part no.18G31
18G226Valve rocker bush remover and replacer
18G284Impulse extractor - UNF (basic tool) Original part no. 301203
18G284AMain bearing cap removal adapter Original part no. AJH5147
18G309Extractor (gear puller)
18G328Valve suction tool Original part no. 66893
18G530Rear main bearing cap drilling jig
18G551Camshaft locking tool - Twin Cam

Part No.Description
18G39Clutch plate centralizer (from Twin Cam manual)
18G99AClutch assembly gauging fixture - Original part no. AJA5010
18G99BSpecial adapter for Twin Cam, clutch assembly gauging fixture
18G276Clutch plate centralizer, splined ?
18G279Clutch plate centralizer
18G493Clutch releasing plate adjusting fixture
18G494Clutch balancing mandrel assembly
18G495Clutch balancing mandrel adapter
18G496Clutch fulcrum lever setting adapter
68886Clutch gauge plate

Part No.Description
18G134Bearing and oil seal replacer adapter handle (basic tool)
18G134MGearbox extension oil seal replacer adapter
18G134NGearbox extension oil seal replacer adapter
18G134QGearbox front cover oil seal replacer
18G222Synchromesh unit assembly ring second speed- Original part no. AJA5055
18G223Synchromesh unit assembly ring third and top - Original part no. AJA5056
18G266Dummy Layshaft top - Original part no. AJA5057
18G389Oil seal remover (basic tool), gearbox rear seal
18G389BOil seal remover adapter, gearbox rear seal
18G458Gearbox seal clinching tool
18G598Gearbox front cover centralizer

Part No.Description
18G304Font and rear hub plate remover (basic tool) - Original part no. AJA5019
18G304BBolt adapter - 7/16 in. UNF - Original part no. AJA5021
18G304CBolt adapter, Twin Cam
18G310Steering wheel remover - Original part no. 68827
18G312Steering tie rod pin spanner - Original part no. 68965
18G313Steering tie rod "C" spanner - Original part no. 300813
18G363Wire wheel hub remover
18G553Disc brake piston resetting tool (Dunlop)
18G590Disc brake piston resetting tool (Lockheed)

Part No.Description
18G34ABevel pinion flange wrench - Original part no. 5062
18G47CDifferential bearing remover (basic tool) - Original part no. 5061
18G47TDifferential bearing remover adapters
18G134Bearing and oil seal replacer adapter handle (basic tool)
18G134PDifferential bearing replacer adapter
   18G134PRear hub bearing remover and replacer adapter
18G152Rear Hub Nut Spanner
18G191BBevel pinion and differential bearing setting gauge
18G207Bevel pinion bearing preload gauge
18G264Bevel pinion bearing outer race remover (basic tool)
18G264EBevel pinion bearing outer race remover adapter
18G264FBevel pinion bearing outer race remover adapter
18G264KPartitioned fibre box
18G284Impulse extractor - UNF (basic tool)
18G285Bevel pinion bearing inner race remover and replacer
18G304Front and rear hub remover (basic tool) - Original part no. 5019
18G304BBolt adapter - 7/16 in. UNF (2 off) - Original part no. 5021
18G304CBolt adapter, Twin Cam
18G304JHub remover thrust pad adapter - Original part no. 5146
18G553Disc brake piston resetting tool (Dunlop)
18G363Wire wheel hub remover

Part No.Description
18G308BBody jack and metal case
18G671Panel Nut Wrench

Part No.Description
18G187Radiator reverse flush adapters
18G353Lockheed bleeder screw wrench - Original part no. 46746
18G372Torque wrench - Original part no. AJE5010

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