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Crank handle
Original issue 1956-1957.

This should be the first thing you find in the boot of every MGA, hanging in a few clips attached to the rear bulkhead above the spare tire. Every one of them had a crank handle, and it was the last model of MG that had a hand crank.

On 12/8/2007, Bo Ficula wrote:
"Do you happen to know the dimensions of the "correct" crank handle for a 1962 MGA?"

Yup. It is made from 5/8" round bar.
Long run is 25-1/4" overall, 24-5/8" inside the bend.
Cross run is 7-1/2" overall, 6-7/8" center to center, 6-1/4" inside the bends.
Short end is 4-5/8" overall, 4" inside the bend, including the spinner tube.

Crank handle spinner grip
On the short end there is a slip fit steel tube that serves as a spinner handle. This is held in place by one end being swaged into a groove in the bar. On the output end there is a large lead-in chamfer (cone end) and a cross pin. The pin is solid steel, 7/32" diameter, 1-3/16" long, and grooved in a few places length wise near the center upsetting some metal to be press fit in the cross drilled hole in the shaft.

Addendum, November 2010:
Now I have at least two reports of a starting handle from 1962 MGA 1600-MK-II that appear to have VERY ORIGINAL red/orange paint (like the late production Shelly jack). See picture below.
Orange crank handle

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