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1960 MGA TWIN CAM SEBRING CAR #40 - TC-105-2571

YD2/2571 - UMO93 - Sebring car #40 - Finished 4th in class and 29th overall, driven by Americans Jim Parkinson and Jack Flaherty. After years of ownership by Lyle York in Anderson, Indiana, USA, in 2003 it was purchased by John Wright in Pennsylvania. In mid 2006 this car was still preserved as when it left Sebring in 1960, still bearing the names of the drivers painted on the side of the car. There are no plans to "restore" it, and all intention of preserving it indefinitely in its prior race form

1961 Sebring Twin Cam #40
#40 - UMO93, as seen at MG2006 in Gatlinburg, TN, in June 2006.

(photo compliments of Rick Brown) - Click for larger picture.

1960 Sebring Twin Cam #40

In August 2017 this car is (or was) up for sale.
For as long as it may last, see the sale ad at:

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