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1960 MGA TWIN CAM SEBRING CAR #38 - TC-105-2573

YD2/2573 - UMO95 - Sebring car #38 - Broken valve spring after 2-1/2 laps, driven by Englishmen Ted Lund and Collin Escott. - Restoration started by Tony Simms, Marcos Island, Florida, USA. Currently owned by Steve Woodyard.

1960 Sebring MGA No. 38 in process
Restoration in process, as purchased, April 2006.
1960 Sebring MGA No. 38 restored
Restoration completed by Steve Woodyard, 13 July 2007.
Concours d'Elegance, Forest Grove, Oregon, 15 July 2007.
Class winner "Retired Race Cars".
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ADDENDUM March 6, 2011:
At 09:31 AM 3/6/2011 -0700, Stephan Propsting in Munich, Germany wrote:
"My father Wolf and I are the owners of UMO 96 the #39 1960 Sebring Twin Cam. The history you have collected in regard to the competition MGAs is great and I would like to send you some recent pictures of the car at events here in Germany and England".

ADDENDUM July 19, 2011:
UMO96 at Silverstone UMO96 at Silverstone
UMO 96 at the 2008 MG Car Club UK Silverstone meeting for the 50th anniversary of the MGA Twin Cam. -- Photos compliments of Stephan Propsting, Munich, Germany

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