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PROTOTYPE Twin Cam - TC-108-498

Twin Cam Prototype
- ND?/13/498
(No photo available)

Having sorted out the identity and whereabouts of 499 and 500 (see following pages), I must regretfully report that the status of 498 is currently unknown.

Two RHD and one LHD pre-production cars were supposedly built. Cars 499 and 500 are known to be RHD, so 498 must be the sole LHD car. Keep your eyes open, and do let me know if it turns up.

Addendum, Aug 3, 2006:
Jim Cox factory mechanic says there was no such LHD car.

This leads to some speculation (by other people) that SRX210 (which is RHD) might be 498 (if there ever was one). Gotta love the rumors.

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