The MGA With An Attitude


Derek Buckler designed and built a range of Buckler sports specials, about 300-400 between 1947 and 1962, with tubular space frame chassis. In the late 1950s a small number of Buckler cars were produced using the MGA as a donor.

Keith Ambrose runs one which was built from a Buckler kit in 1959 by a magazine called Cars Illustrated. It has a rather unusual GRP body by AKS. The chassis is a Buckler DD2 space frame variant, specially designed for the MGA conversion. Steering, front suspension and transmission are MGA. Rear suspension was originally Buckler coil spring damper units with a Panhard rod, but this is not in use at the moment. The brakes and wheels are MGA twin cam and the hand brake is hydraulic. The car is considerably lighter than the normal MGA and the road holding is superb. The windscreen has been changed in recent years for an MGB type.

Buckler MGA engine with supercharger Close-up of the Peco supercharger showing how neatly it fits beside the BMC 1500cc engine. To keep the height of the engine as low as possible, depth of the oil filler cap was lowered. The lowered manifolding for the blower brings the supercharger down to the same level.
Buckler MGA front Buckler MGA rear

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