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EX186 - Twin Cam factory race car, never saw competition

MG EX186 at the factory
EX186 at the factotry in 1958

EX-186 was a 1958 reincarnation of one of the EX182 cars. It was originally reported to be LBL304, which would have been EX182-40. More recent evidence points to that chassis ultimately being reconstructed a couple of times in 1959, ultimately being reincarnated as SRX 210, the famous 1959-1961 Le Mans racing fastback coupe. The other possibility for EX-186 is chassis EX182-41. Given the penchant for the factory to swap registration numbers and chassis plates at will, this issue may never be resolved.

EX-186 was completed as a factory works car but was never raced. The original engine was a 1489cc Twin Cam (not 1588). For more information and more photos see the Restoration section.

MG EX186 at Gatlinberg
EX186 at Gatlinberg in 2006

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