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Special Bodies on MGA Cars - VT-106D3
Rebodied MGA Twin Cam YM1.1701 - by D.N. Stephenson

Supplied by Abingdon as a running chassis only.

At 02:53 PM 2/3/2011 +0000, Mark Hester wrote:
"Many of you might see on eBay from time to time photos of the old Stephenson Project car Chassis number 1701. current example on eBay 260446079662

I thought I would dig a little more into it's history, so gingerly asked Peter Wood today.

He said that after Stephenson guys completed the car and presumably after Road and Track magazine had photographed it, they went out to celebrate it's completion and had one too many pints at the pub. On the way home they rolled it into a railway bridge, with the body was heavily damaged as a result. It then passed through a couple of owners before Peter took it on and the remains were subsequently destroyed in his fire. Peter did salvage the unique pedal box and steering.

I then asked if the chassis had been reused and he confirmed yes. Perhaps next time he may say which car has 1701's chassis now. Our records show that Rego 7395 AC is also associated with chassis 1701 but Peter only recalls one rego 97 PPA, so perhaps this is incorrect, as I've never seen a photo to confirm this and this rego belongs to a current member".

Cheers -- Mark

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