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SPECIAL BODIES on MGA Chassis - VT-106

These are complete replacement bodies which can be installed on the MGA. Sometimes we think of these as "kit cars". The ones intended to be used on the street may be delivered with many of the finishing parts required for interior trim, as well as most parts needed to make the car functional. Instructions would otherwise give information for procurement of any missing parts. The instructions may also make it sound like it's a matter of simple assembly, but in reality they would often require a certain amount of creativity to figure out how to make everything fit and work. The final quality of finish might also leave a lot to be desired.

Replacement bodies intended for use on race cars could be not much more than a bare shell with little provision for trim or creature comforts. Being made in small quantities they may also be intended to be adaptable to several different chassis models, which could require considerable work to adapt to a specific chassis. One common theme seems to be a total lack of bumpers, so street use is at your own risk, and beware of odd looks from your insurance agent.

Ambro/Dio Ambro body kit (Currently available). This 1961 Ambro body was most commonly found on TR3 or 4 chassis, but was designed to work with anything from 88" to 100" wheelbase and about 50" track width. More details

Ashley 1172 Ashley body kit Ashley body kit It is not known if this body was ever installed on an MGA chassis, but it is certainly the right size at 94-inch wheel base. More details

Buchanan Buchanan body on MGA Buchanan body on MGA The N.H. Buchanan Motor Co. Pty. Ltd from Australia made at least two fiberglass bodies using an MGA-engine and one on an MGA-chassis. More details

Buyers Buyres CR90 body on MGA The body is a Byers CR90 shell, very similar in appearance to the Devin except that it is doorless. The 90 means that it was designed for a 90 inch wheelbase. More details

Devin Devin body on MGA Devin bodies came in 26 different sizes, including for the MGA 94 inch wheelbase. The Devin has been so popular for use as a racing car body that people may have the impression that the Devin was an actual production car, like the Elva Courier. More details

Ferrari Testarossa Ferrari Testarossa kit on MGA For anyone who knows Ferrari, this is obviously a kit car. It may be kind of cute for an MGA, but real bland as a Ferrari. More details.

Fiberfab Banshee or Caribee Fiberfab Banshee from the 1960's This fiberglass body was available to fit an MGA chassis (among other cars), made in the 1960's. More details.

Fiberfab Jamaican Fiberfab Jamaican 1968 1968 offering from Fiberfab. More details.

La-Dawri La-Dawri bodied MGA Built by David Munro in 1961, and still with the same owner in 2005. More details.

Microplas Mistral Microplas Mistral body shell manufactured in Surrey in the 1950's. More details.

Milano Milano body shell JWF Glass Fibre-Industries (Sydney). More details.

Panelcraft Twin Cam Panelcraft body on MGA In 1960 D.N. Stephenson graduated from Londonís Central School of Arts and Crafts Industrial Design. He demonstrated his abilities by designing a new body for the MGA Twin Cam. It was manufactured by Panelcraft Ltd.
The Autocar, 12 August, 1960 -- Road and Track magazine, 1960 -- More details

Tornado Typhoon Typhoon body on MGA "I can name that car in XX seconds"? This fiberglass body appeared on eBay in early December 2005. Would you believe it was available as a Roadster, a Coupe, or a Sportbrake? More details

Vantage Motorsports MGA Carbon-graphite composite body replica for the MGA This looks like a perfect MGA roadster with a coupe windscreen, but the rest will surprise you. How FAST can you say 1525 pounds and 145 horsepower? It has carbon-graphite composite body and frame, among other treats, and it is a production model.
More details

Victress C-2 coupe Victress C-2 Coupe on MGA chassis A very rare Victress Coupe body on MGA chassis. -- More details

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