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Blue Ambro body on TR6 chassis
Above, Ambro 001 currently owned by Bill Babcock is a 1961 spinoff (successor) of a certain 1959 Peyote Mk II aluminum bodied car on a TR3 chassis. You can Google that one up yourself for more information (although you might wish you hadn't bothered). A few early copies were built around TR3 and TR4 chassis. A later frame is designed to accomodate TR4 to TR6 chassis and engine components. The body is modular and intended to fit almost anything from 88" to 100" wheelbase and about 50" track width (which coincidentally happens to be just about MGA size).

About 50 of these bodies were made before original molds were accidentally destroyed. A few more bodys were made as dips or copies from the original ones. These bodies have been wrapped around just about any chassis with 2 to 8 cylinder engines. Below is a picture of Joe Alexanders newly constructed Ambro TR (with a cut down MGB windscreen frame). So the challenge here is to see if anyone knows of one of these Ambro bodies actually being installed on an MGA chassis.
White Ambro body on TR6 chassis

Addendum, July 2012:
And the answer is, .... we still don't know if it has been done before, but it is being done now. Turn page for details.

When the body mold changed owners (for the 3rd or 4th time) it was then a product of Dio Cars USA Inc, remaned the Dio Tipo 61. This one os currently available if you want to buy one.
Red Dio body
blue Dio body green Dio body
Dio chassis
Dio complete car Dio complete car

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