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Special Bodies on MGA Cars - VT-106J1
Ambro MGA
- Brought to you by Kelvin Dodd

On 7/17/2012, Kelvin Dodd wrote:
"I just noticed you had a page on fiberglass bodies with Joe Alexander’s Ambro project".
So the challenge here is to see if anyone knows of one of these Ambro bodies actually being installed on an MGA chassis.
"The answer is yes. There is one by my workshop".

"When Joe first let me know that he was resurrecting the Ambro name, I told him I was interested as the Ambro was well known in the Triumph community, but not in the MG. I told him that the world needed an Ambro MG. I located a suitable chassis from a badly damaged coupe and the work will be ongoing". -- Kelvin Dodd

One "New Old Stock" Ambro body shell.

One old badly abused MGA Coupe.

Ambro body shell sitting on MGA frame.

Drawings of an MGA frame compared to a short wheelbase special Ambro frame.

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