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Special Bodies on MGA Cars - VT-106F
Tornado Typhoon - part MGA

This fiberglass body appeared on eBay in early December 2005, claimed to be for an MGA chassis. It was thought to be (maybe) a vintage race car, but it obviously has a grafted on frame for an MGA Coupe windscreen and a folding frame for a rag top, so it may have once been a street car.
The body is a British-built Tornado Typhoon kit car body from 1957-1960. They used their own chassis set up for BMC, Triumph or English Ford Anglia engines.

The Typhoon was available in a few different configurations, including Roadster, Coupe, and Sportbrake (of all things). Follow these links for more information, and much prettier pictures:

Typhoon Roadster
Typhoon Roadster
Typhoont Coupe
Typhoon Coupe
Typhoon Sportbrake
Typhoon Sportbrake

Toronado Typhoon Roadster, 400 produced, 1958-1962

Toronado Thunderbolt Coupe, 1 produced, 1960

Toronado Tempest, 10 produced, 1960-1962

On 18Jan08, Dave at OldSchool Restorations in Alabama wrote:
"I ultimately bought the Typhoon you have here. It was never on a MGA frame, in fact it was on a tube frame with TR components and shorter wheelbase than MGA. The windshield frame was originally molded with the body, and not an add on. It left my shop bound for Germany, atop a TR4 parts car."

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