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Special order alloy wheels

Aluminum wheels from England
Aluminum wheels from England (slight misfit)

Above a picture of an MGA fitted with a set of aluminum wheels from England, 15x4-1/2". These wheels were special purchased and shipped in ($$$$) on the promise that they were the correct dimensions for the MGA. Unfortunately they have nearly zero offset, making the tires protrude under the fenders. To prevent rubbing of the rear tires the rear of the car is raised slightly (and they still rub a bit occasionally).

Modular aluminum wheels, custom ordered
Modular aluminum wheels, custom ordered

You might recognize the picture above from my home page. These wheels are 15x4-1/2" with 1-3/8" offset. They are custom built modular wheels with dimensions just close enough to allow it to run in Stock class for SCCA autocross. I hope you're sitting down when you see the price. Click here for a close up and more details. The point is, when you have bolt on hubs there are more options available for alternate wheels than you may have with the splined hubs.

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