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Clutch Slave PUSHROD Dimensions - CT-108

This question comes up often enough to merit posting. "How long should the MGA clutch slave pushrod be"? Since I had to crawl under my car and R&R the part for measurement, I just made a drawing while I was at it.
Clutch slave pushrod drawing
Note:   Push-rod length between the hole center and the spherical rod end will be about 5/16-inch shorter for Twin Cam and all round disc brake models. Overall length and outside diameter at the hole end may vary and is irrelevent.

Various Part numbers:
7H7954   Push-rod   1500-1600
13H21    Push-rod   1600 new number - 7H7954 not available use 13H21
BHA4074  Push-rod   Twin Cam
1B3701   Push-rod   All around disc brake model - Com.(C)91240
Clutch slave cylinder drawing
1500, 1600, 1600-MK-II models
Clutch slave cylinder drawing
Twin Cam and all round disc brake models

See also Cutch Slave Push Rod for Twin Cam - TC-225

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