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SPARK PLUG CAPS Fall Apart -- FT-049
From the SC- Part Group in the UK.

On 06 December 2011, Jorgen F Hedetoft in Denmark wrote:
"Crap right out of the box"!

"I bought 5 spark plug caps as advertised on Amazon - I got the package sent from the SC- Part Group in the UK.
As can be seen in the photo one cap has gone to pieces before it is taken out of the bag!
In the other caps the screw are very loose.
The copper cylinder is tilted cut and sloppily molded into the cap.
In the bag is a note:

1) Pierce than of high tension lead with a scribe or similar Sharpe Pointed instrument.
2) Use only very light hand pressure two screw plug cap in two high tension lead.

Failure to observing the above notes could result in the screw-being Pulled out of the cap.

"I think I have lost 35 GBP".

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