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HEATER CONTROL - Wrong Geometry -- FT-069
BMC part no: 17H518 - Escutcheon - heater control unit
BMC part no: 7H1985 - Lever control sub-assembly

This would be the second type control, because the earliest
type with rotary switch is not available as replacement parts.

On 8/12/2014, Thomas Aczel wrote:
"One frustration was the under dash heater controls and panel. This came as a kit from NTG in the UK; fascia panel, sliding switch and mounting hardware.
"The arc of the sliding switch does not match the arc of the plastic molded panel on its back (forward, foot well) side, so it would bind completely in the central part of its travel. It also only had enough clearance to pull the fan switch on at each end of the slot (just). In the end the only solution proved to be to weld up the mounting holes on the switch and to re-drill them closer to the switch's edge, taking the switch forward from the panel a couple of millimeters. It then was able to move freely throughout its arc of travel without binding, and still allow clearance for the switch's 'fan on/off' role to function".
Heater Control Panel
On 8/14/2014, Thomas Aczel wrote:
"You'd have hoped however that buying a complete kit that everything would work together wouldn't you? My heater control fascia panel had a small gold oval shaped adhesive label saying 'Made in China' (or Taiwan, I now forget which of the two). The panel itself is plastic, not heavy and thick like Bakelite". -- Tom

Note from Barney:
Not certain yet, but I believe the mechanical lever assembly is correct, and this is a problem with shape of the the plastic panel. It is against my morals to modify a perfectly good part to accommodate a faulty replacement part, but I don't know which part is bad. If the plastic panel is wrong, then the fix should be to grind away the excess material in the back side of the plastic part, but apparently the plastic is too thin to modify in that manner. Otherwise send the part(s) back for refund, and vigorously urge the supplier to fix or replace the parts. If the customer will keep the parts, then the supplier has no incentive to fix it.

On 8/15/2014, Thomas Aczel wrote:
"Unfortunately the fascia panel is relatively thin plastic. It would have been MUCH easier to grind away the back of the panel to gain the needed clearance. There was unfortunately much too little thickness in the panel to allow this. Similarly there was not enough plastic around the bolt holes to allow me to elongate the holes to allow me to move the panel rearward to gain the needed clearance. There seemed no alternative to redoing the switch holes to move the switch forward. This incidentally was not a light graze of the switch onto the back of the panel. The switch dug in hard at the centre of its travel.
"The kit contained the fascia panel, the switch, the bolts and the spacers. The fibre washers were not there. Neither was the ferule needed to secure the heater valve cable. This combined kit is not currently offered, but the individual components, presumably from the same Asian source are still listed by NTG and others. I did try to let NTG know through the "contact us" part of their web site (MG Bits 4 U), but it seemed to be rather difficult to navigate to get my point across. And I don't wish to phone them in the UK from Australia. While I'm big on returning faulty parts, in the end I thought "damn, I can't be bothered", especially since about a year or so had elapsed since I first bought the kit in preparation to ultimately fitting a heater to my MGA". -- Tom

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