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DOOR LATCH PARTS Wrong Size -- FT-076
Bad fit with related Safety Hazard

Moss Motors, USA part no: 470-520 DOOR LATCH, R/H
Moss Motors, USA part no: 470-530 DOOR LATCH, L/H
Moss Motors, USA part no:470-540 STRIKER PLATE
Replacement for BMC  AFH1682, AFH1683, AFH1684.

OEM latch and striker with full engagement on the second latch hole.

OEM latch with Moss striker engaged on the safety catch only.

OEM stye striker (left) and Moss replacement striker (right) for comparison.

Problem is that the Moss Striker pin is too large diameter and will not engage fully with the OEM latch. The Moss latch also has similar oversize hole to mate with the oversize pin. Result then is that the Moss latch will not mate properly with an OEM striker being a sloppy fit with insecure latch that may pop open with a bump in the road, and will not hold on the safety catch position.

The Moss catalog does not mention the non-original dimension of these parts, or the fact that the Moss parts will not mate with OEM parts. Moss Motors has been notified of the problem. So far they only advise (in private) that their parts will work if used in matched sets with other Moss parts. The Moss parts will be non-functional if used with OEM mating parts. At the very least, the Moss catalog should note that these parts cannot be mated to OEM parts, and can only be used in mated sets with other Moss parts. Until they may post such a note in their catalog, these Moss parts must be considered to be faulty parts with related safety hazard.

The bend angle on the "L" bracket is also wrong. See earlier report FT-052.

On 9/13/2017, Dominic Clancy wrote:
"I have just received a car set of these from B&G and can confirm that they are both to original dimensional spec and mate with full latch functions. This is an improvement on the last unsafe set I received from Moss. The striker still however seems to the wrong angle and will need attacking with a BFH".

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