The MGA With An Attitude
DASH LAMP RHEOSTAT, Wrong Configuration -- FT-078
Moss Motors USA part number 146-000
Replacement for BMC  47H5188, 57H5081, 57H5526, BHA4278

On 2/11/2016 George Horton wrote:
"Installed it and found that to turn on the switch I had to rotate the knob to the left, not the right. When the knob is installed on the original, the pin is on the downside of the knob.

Original on left - New on right
To turn on the lights, you rotate the knob to the right one click, then continue to dim or increase lighting intensity. The switch Moss sent me has the knob pin in the 2 O'clock position when the unit is off, you then have to rotate to the left one click to get power to the red and white wires, then continue rotating to the left. However, the lights simply stayed on with no increase or decrease in intensity. This also leaves the Panel switch letter "P" in the seven or eight o'clock position. Definitely not correct".

On 2/12/2016, George Horton wrote:
Kelvin from Moss tech support just called. The switch (146-000) is definitely incorrect for the MGA application and he is perplexed that nobody has ever mentioned the defects. The switch turns on to the left, not the right. The "P" is in the incorrect position (upside down) when installed in the off position.

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