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PAINT CODES, MGA Other Than Body Colors - PT-105B

    Moss Motors USA, "Tan Top Frame Paint" - 220-520
    Moss Motors UK, "Tan Top Frame Paint" - CCHP1
    Krylon "Khaki Gloss"

  • COOLING FAN - Safety Yellow: MGA, MGB, Midget Fan & Pulley
    Duplicolor - T-211 or DA1663 - School Bus Yellow
    International Harvester - "I-H Yellow" (used on Cub Cadet Mowers)
    Rustoleum - "School Bus Yellow" - SKU: 1643830
      Rustoleum - OSHA - Safety Yellow - 1644830
    RAL color standard - "Broom Yellow" - RAL1032

  • DASH MIRROR - General Motors 2410 M: General Motors 2410 M is close to the original color. Ford 3572 is a bit too brown and Chrysler 4666 L is too yellow. If you are careful, you can spray the Chrysler color first and then a light coat of the Ford to kill the yellow. The Chrysler 4666 is also a good match for the MG T-series mirrors and steering wheel bosses. All these colors are (maybe) available in small spray cans at auto supply stores. -- Also try Blaze Gold Metallic for a 2000 Honda.
    See PT-105M.

  • ENGINE - MG Dark Red engine paint:
            MGA, & early MGB
    NOTE: Enamel is generally resistant to engine related fluids. Lacquer will commonly spot or streak or discolor when exposed to glycol based antifreeze. Some aerosol paints may be lacquer unless otherwise specified.
    See PT-105E.

  • SCREENWASHER BOTTLE BRACKET washer bottle mounting
    - "Tudor Blue"
    - Named after the accessory manufacturer, Tudor - Similar to "Royal Blue"
    Krylon - 3107
    wheels painted silver
  • WHEELS - Silver wheel paint
    Ford Silver - DAR-2593
    Ditzler Delstar - Code #16
    Eastwood - "Detail Silver"
    Moss Motors "Wheel Paint" - 220-560 Subaru code 9985 - "Jewel Silver"
    Moss "Silver wheel paint" - 220-560 (Moss Motors Ltd) Shelly jack, orange

  • The SHELLY JACK - orange-red
    Came with later production MGAs
    Duplicolor - DE 1607 - Chevy Orange

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