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1950cc +CROSSFLOW +2x 45DCOE
A user report -- PP-301

At 02:54 AM 5/1/04 -0400, Bruce Allison wrote:

Location: Launceston ,Tasmania ,Australia
Year: 1965
Model: MGB

I am running a 1950cc with this head [MSX crossflow]. It has had a mild port, runs twin 45's with 36 mm chokes, 145 mains, f9's and avgas. Have seen on reliable dyno 101kw (140hp) and 210nm of torque (around 180ft/lb) at rear wheels, probably equates to around 180hp at the crank. The torque was the amazing gain as this is nearly double the standard figure at the crank!!! Don't know what the cam is, have recently seen some at May be of interest to others. I run the 1.625 inlet valves and 38mm (1.50in) exhausts in stainless, a Ford valve actually. Love this head ,have run it in Targa Tasmania and with that torque was up with V8 and hot sixes. Economy is unreal despite choke sizes, better than the highly worked "O" head with single 45 and 38mm chokes.

Regards Bruce

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