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BODY F-SECTION (Sill and Pillar Assembly) - RT-414

On 7/15/2011, Neil Burnside wrote:
Does anyone know who supply's the complete side / F-sections shown in Malcom Greens MGA Restoration Guide book on page 51"?

Christopher Cox wrote:
"Metal Micky trades as .... "

At 02:34 PM 7/16/2011 (UK time), Neil Burnside wrote:
"Yes I have had a look at his stuff [Metal Micky] and there is a lot Better quality out there. I have used some bits before. They seem to be more trouble than they are worth".

On 7/16/2011, Garry Kemm wrote:
"The best quality sheetmetal parts would have to be from:

On 7/17/2011, Bob Somerville wrote:
"This company supplies many specialist repairers around the world, parts are good.

See RT-416KS for photo of a Kilmartin A-post.

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