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BODY F-SECTION (Sill and Pillars), Moss Motors - RT-414M1

On January 11, 2012, Jim Mail in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, wrote:
"I used one that was purchased over 10 years ago. The one I got did not have the 4-degree bevel on the B pillar, and did not have the captive nuts on the B pillar for the screws on the shut face panel. One of the A-pillars was not made well and sort of rolled to the inside (the outer side was canted toward the body at the rear) which made it hard to line up the off side door, which I finally fixed by cutting it apart after I had installed it on the car. I ended up taking the A and B pillars off to rework them and then welding them back together on the car. So it was really a miserable experience in my experience. However, they may have a much different supplier and a better part now".

On Jan 9, 2017, Eric Russell in Mebane, North Carolina, USA wrote:
"I used the Moss reproductions a few years ago. They are good but not perfect - all need a bit of fettling for a perfect fit. And, IIRC, they are 20-ga steel vs the original 18-ga.

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