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BODY A-PILLAR (Hinge Post), KAS - RT-416KS

At 08:48 PM 7/17/2011 +1000, Gregory Keenan wrote:

"When you compare the Kilmartin pillars and sills to the pillars on the F sections mentioned, the Australian made panels win hands down. Body A-Pillar (Hinge Post) from KAS I have been fitting these panels for years. While they are the best around as with all repro panels you still have to make them fit the car you are working on.

Fitting the pillars separately as well as the inner sill you can build perfect panel gaps into the car, as every car is different. I have a set of pillars taken from the complete F section as mentioned which I believe is made in the UK and I could not believe the difference in quality.

Attached is a photo of a Kilmartin hinge pillar backed up to an original pillar. It was a couple of mm too long and the bottom edge needed to be refolded. Apart from that perfect. The Aussies win again".
        -- Cheers, Greg -- MGA Registrar Sydney.

Addendum 15 August 2012:
Chris Raymakers wrote:
"I have had "A" door posts from Moss, VB and SF which varied in quality. SF's were by far the closest to original, however did not fit the curve on the body and the hinge holes were off by 6-8mm. I took a flyer and bought from Kilmartin, they were so close to the original, one piece formed, one could not tell the difference. I have since bought more parts from them and are absolutely superb. One could not understand until you had the luxury of having all four vendor side by side". -- CHRIS

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