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STEERING RACK Grease Clean Out - SR-114A

On 1/29/2013, Hilton (Butch) Smith in Gloucester, Virginia, USA wrote:
"The steering rack is full of grease, like wheel bearing grease. As you say say it should have 80W90 gear oil. Any thoughts as to how I can clean it out"?

Yup. It has to be disassembled. Get the front end up on stands, wheels off. On one side you have to detach the inner ball joint from the rack. On the other side you can detach the rod end from the steering arm, or rod end from the tie rod. Remove two dampers from top of housing. Remove bolt from lower (forward) end of the U-joint. Remove brass pinion cap from front side of the housing (don't lose the shims). Pull the pinion gear and shaft out the front underneath (it should clear the valance panel okay). Pay attention to orientation of the thrust washers. Pull the rack out the side. This leaves the empty housing still attached to the frame where you can clean it out with solvent and brushes, or a cloth swap on a long steel rod, or a cloth tied to a wire to be pulled back and forth through the tube.

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