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On 4th June 2014, this appeared on the Car Talk BBS of the forum with the following notes:

(doane2u) -- "That's my mom, and dad with his shinny black MG in the 1950's where I grew up in Brentwood, California. It looks like that model with custom body work. .... Pretty amazing, and just think, it took another 20 years before the roadster was perfected as the Miata".
Callifornia Custom
"My dad was a successful architect in his early career at this point. I believe he designed the mods for the car and had it done for him at a body shop in LA. I think it makes the car look way ahead of it's time, design wise. I love the big white wall tires with the steel rims. Also the rear tail lights removed and the fog lights in the front grill. Notice the VW in the last shot, looks like a early 50's "Zwitter" with the small rear window. Notice the MG TD parked behind it"?
Callifornia Custom Callifornia Custom Callifornia Custom
(Mudpie) - "The styling is consistent with California customization trends of the 50s and early 60s, definitely not standard MGA bodywork".

(davisinla) - "Judging from the cars in those pics (I'm guessing circa 1958), it was over 30 years before the Miata was to make its debut".

(Pat Dolan) - "Looking at the reflections around the nose extension, I would rate the work as first class. Looking at the overall style, I would rate that a top drawer as well. That was a tasteful mod of a nice car".

There were may more positive comments from the Miata crowd. A very tasteful group?

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