The MGA With An Attitude

FG-101 is a course in the construction and operation of the MGA fuel gauge. In the beginning it may be a little strange, because the gauge reading goes towards "E" as the resistance in the tank sender unit goes towards zero, increasing the signal current. You may browse the next few pages to become familiar with the construction of the gauge and a "simplified" explanation of its operation.

MGA fuel gauge, front view
MGA fuel gauge, front view.

Serial Picture Tour For Understanding The MGA Fuel Gauge:
Just follow the green arrows.
Rear view
Rear view.
Rear view
Rear view from above.
Lens removed
Lens removed.
Face removed
Face removed.
Armature removed
Armature removed.
Armature ass'y front
Armature ass'y front.
Armature bottom edge
Armature ass'y bottom.
Three coils in place
Three coils in place.
Upper coil removed
Upper coil removed.
Armature bottom edge
Fuel gauge electrical circuit schematic.

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