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    MGA bubble gum card from the late 1950's MGA Postage stamp MGA bubble gum card
    from the late 1950's

    MG Stamps
    of the World

    os - collection by
    Willem van der Veer
    red MGA christmas cards

    Red MGA Christmas Cards
    Available from MG Car Club, UK

    On 24 June 2011, David Marklew in Hampshire, UK wrote:
    Fathers Day Card "What a nice surprise to receive this card on Father's day. Made for Marks and Spencer in China of course but nicely put together with the car cut out in relief and painted in sparkly paint. Note the number plate B3ST D4D. Thats me"! - David

    Target gift card I dont know if the dog would ever be collectable, but this is a gift card from Target stores.
    Kodak Film Mailer Bag

    Kodak Film
    Mailer Bag
    MGA stamp from Puntland, Somalia

    MGA stamp from Puntland, Somalia -- This one appeared on eBay in late 2016, and early January 2017. For as long as the sale may last, see

    Haynes Cutaway Coloring Book, Owners' Paintshop Manual
    Over 180 cutaways, along with a brief history about the classic Haynes Manual. Now guys can admit that they like coloring. 2015 publication. Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, eBay.
    coloring_book coloring_book coloring_book

    See also Advertising Vintage, Advertising Modern, Owner's Material,
    all in the Literature section.

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