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  • Road Test MGA 1500 -Autocar, Sep'55 - (2.5-MB pdf)
  • MG Model "A" -Road & Track, Nov'55 -(2.3-MB pdf)
  • LT-104 - WHEELS TAKES YOU DRIVING In The New M.G. - Dec '55
  • Sports Cars Of The Big Five -Motor Sport, May'55 -(1.1-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA 1500 -The Motor, '56 - (3.7-MB pdf)
  • In The MG Tradition -Motor Sport, Jun'57 - MGA Coupe - (0.8-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA 1500 Coupe The Motor, '57 -(2.9-MB pdf)
  • LT-102 - ROAD TEST MG-JUDSON -Road & Track, May '58
    -- D.O.H.C., Test Run at Lime Rock - CD with early informercial -(books)
  • M.G. Introduce The Twin-Cam -Autosport, Jul'58 -(0.6-MB pdf)
    - TC-106A - Autocar Road Tests - MGA TWIN CAM -Jul'58 -(twincam)
  • Twin Cam MG-A -R&T Sept'58-(0.9-MB pdf)
    - TC-106B - Road Test, Twin Cam MGA -Sports Cars Illustrated, Oct'58 -(twincam)
  • "DOHC MGA Road Test" -Road & Track, Nov'58 -(2.3-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA Twin Cam -The Motor, '58 -(3.1-MB pdf)
  • Earls Court Motor Show -Oct 22-Nov 1, 1958 -(13.8-MB pdf)
  • Test By Marthon - Motor, Dec'58 -(1.2-MB pdf)
  • MGA Twin Cam for competition - Sports Car Illustrated, Jun'59 -(12.9-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA 1600 -The Motor, '59 - (1.1-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA 1600 -Autocar, Oct'59 -(2.5-MB pdf)
  • LT-101 - Road Test MG 1600 -Sports Cars Illustrated, Oct'59
  • MGA 1600-MK-II -Sports Car World (AU) 1961 -(4.1-MB pdf)
  • MG MGA 1600-MK-II -Autocar 21Jul'61 -(2.9-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA 1600-MK-II -Road & Track Sep'61 -(1.2-MB pdf)
  • MGA 1600-MK-II -Motor Trend, Oct 1961 -(5.2-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MG-A Mk.II Competition -Sports Car Graphic May'62 -(3.8-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA 1600-MK-II -Sports Car World (AU) Aug'62 -(4.2-MB pdf)
  • Road Test MGA 1600-MK-II -Choice (AU) Oct'62 -(4.5-MB pdf)
  • Getting Over The Shock -Safety Fast, Aug'65 -(6.6-MB pdf)
            Adjustable Shock Absorbers
  • Fun Buggy -Mechanix Illustrated, Jun'68 -(2.1-MB pdf)
  • MGA/EX182 -Autocar, 4feb1971 -(0.2-MB pdf)
  • 'Le Mans MGA' -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jan'75 -(1.5-MB pdf)
  • Classic Choice MGA -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Mar'76 -(1.9-MB pdf)
  • MGs You Never Saw #1 -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, May'76 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • MGs You Never Saw #2 -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jun'76 -(0.9-MB pdf)
  • MGA Competition History Prototypes -T&CC, Feb'77 -(0.7-MB pdf)
  • Motobuild the MG Specialists -T&CC, Oct'79 -(0.5-MB pdf)
  • 50 Years of MG -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Nov'79 -(0.5-MB pdf)
  • Flying A -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Feb'84 -(0.5-MB pdf)
  • MGA, The Motor Show -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, May'84 -(0.5-MB pdf)
  • Four Long Years -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Jun'84 -(1.2-MB pdf)
    -- TC-108-500A - 'EX-WORKS' -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Mar'87 -(twincam)
  • Sports Cars by the Thousand -The Motor, Apr 8,'87 -(2.8-MB pdf)
  • The Ice Queen -Thoroughbred & Classic Cars, Oct'87 -(1.0-MB pdf)
  • Spot The Difference MGA Restoration -T&CC, Jan'88 -(0.9-MB pdf)
    -- The Man Who Made MG Cecil Kimber -T&CC, May'88 -(0.9-MB pdf) -(history)
    -- Twin Cam Thirtieth Anniversary -T&CC, May'88 -(1.6-MB pdf) -(t-cam)
  • MGA Ex works Coupe -Enjoying MG, Mar'89 -(2.3-MB pdf)
    -- Experimental MGA KMO 326 -T&CC, Jun'89 -(0.8-MB pdf) -(history)
  • Test Match -T&CC, Dec'89 -(2.5-MB pdf)
  • LT-103 - COUPE FOR TOUPEES -Classic & Sports Car, Jan'92
  • Great British Sports Cars, MGA -T&CC, Jan95 -(1.4-MB pdf)
  • GT-22 & BRTTS-97 -MG World, Oct-Nov'97 -(0.3-MB pdf)
  • The MG Story, part 1 -MG World, Oct-Nov'97 -(1.1-MB pdf)
  • The MG Story, part 3 -MG World, Feb-Mar'98 -(1.1-MB pdf)
  • Roaring Raindrop -MG World, Oct-Nov'97 -(1.5-MB pdf)
  • Silver Machine, V8 MGA -MG World, jun-jul'00 -(1.2-MB pdf)
  • MGA Supersports - Classiscars, apr'02 -(4.8-MB pdf)
    -- TC-964A - 53rd Mobil-SVRA-12 Hours of Sebring -Mar'05 -(twincam)
    -- TC-964 - Pick of the Liter -Vintage Motorsport, May/Jun'05 -(twincam)
  • Bob Olthoff and His MGA Twin Cam Revisited - Safety Fast, Feb-Mar-Apr'15 -(3.6-MB pdf) - posted here by permission of the author

    Magazine Articles, MGA Twin Cam - If anyone has copies of these articles I would be happy to post them here.
    • Autoweek 13 December 1982
    • Collector's Car November 1979 (2 pages)
    • Road & Track November 1958 (Cover +4 pages)
    • Sports Cars Illustrated June 1959 (7 pages)
    • Sports Car World September 1959 (4 pages)
    • European Car April 1993 (6 pages)
    • MG Enthusiast March 1999 (5 pages)
    • Sports Car Illustrated July 1959 (PDF file)
    • Motor Trader Service Data #339 (8 pages)
    • Classic Cars October 2002 (5 pages)

    MG WORLD magazine was discontinued, last issue December 2003.

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