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MODIFIED MGA For Racing - VT-108

Here we have another "short" list of some one of a kind modified MGA. These have been specially prepared for racing, although there is often some crossover to street use. The determining factor here is that the car was known to be raced, or was obviously prepared for racing with the primary objective of maximizing performance, often within restraints of a certain competiton class.

1960 MGA-Judson Race Prepared MGA with Judson supercharger This MGA appears to be a serious early effort to race with a Judson supercharger. More information.

1MTW Twin Cam replica MGA 1MTW replica - VT-108G . More information.

Bonneville Salt Flats MGA with Ferrari 2-liter engine record setting attempts with MGA cars. See COMP-160.

Bonneville "A" Bonneville MGA C/BMS class 243.970 MPH in 1998 - 1957 MGA with a blown fuel injected Chevy V6 engine running on gasoline, dynoed at over 900HP! -
Or in the Wayback Machine archives at:
Note that this did not beat the fastest MG set in 1959 by Phill Hill in a 300+HP supercharged MGA Twin Cam.

Bonneville 2016 Bonneville MGA 2016 D/BFMS class, 187.961 and 195.679 mph, not a class record (which is currently 222.9 mph). FORD Coyote quad cam V8 five liter engine, superchared, 675 bhp and 540 lbs/ft torque. YouTube 1 - YouTube 2 - Try again next year.

Center Steering Center steering MGA Uniquely modified race car with center steering and center seating position. more information

Coupe on steroids MGA Coupe on steroids This 1959 MGA coupe was for sale on ebay in 2012. Now being reworked by Ron Hein. more information

Dragsters, vintage Dragster We have a number of MGA dragsters, built and played with since the begining of the model and continuing today. more information

Dragster, "'Rotten' Robert" Dragster, 'Rotten' Robert Bob Samyn's 1959 MGA with Chevy 355 V8. Same owner since 1965, now street legal. more information.

Ferrari MGA Ferrari engined MGA For a brief moment in history there was an MGA with a 2 liter Ferrari engine, built up for speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats in the 1960's. more information

Hawk MGA Hawk This fastback MGA was raced by Bob Lester. It has a Marshall blower and a lot of period competition parts on it. Note a resemblance to the Studebaker Hawk. More information.

Kent Prather Racing Kent Prather race car - Sixth national championship in G Production. 2005 -

Nedelko MG Special Nedelko special open wheel single seat special purpose race car, built in 1956 to run in Group Lb in Australia, and still racing in 2012. More information.

Wagner Special MGA Wagner Special MGA race car MGA Wagner Special race car. More information.

Wide MGA Widened MGA race car Most race cars are more than just a fancy paint job, and they tend to be put together fairly well. This one has the entire chassis and body widened enough to carry a V8 engine in style, and wide tires which fit nicely within the stock profile fenders. For photos in process se Metalshapers Association photos by Jim Bailie.

MGA race car MGA race car
An assortment of MGA race cars, just a collection of pictures. More information.

MG Record Breakers
Car Year Drag (Cd) cc BHP MPH
EX120 1930   750   103.13
EX135 1939       204.3
EX179 1956   1500   170.15
EX181 1959 0.12 1506 300 254.91
MGA Bob Sutton (Ferrari) 1964   1983?   140.14
EX253 1997 0.24 1433 328 215.4
MGA Bob Waddill 1998 <0.4   900 243.97
EX255 Never   4800 900  
X15 - ZT-T 2002   6000 765 190.69
MGA Quad Cam 2016 <0.4 5014 675 195.679
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