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CAPTIVE THREADS, Cage Nuts, Weld Nuts, Welded Studs - CF-160

This is an page to identify all of the captive threads in the MGA, cage nuts, weld nuts, and welded studs. This would be those threads which are not easily replaced, not loose nut of tapping plates. There will be some notes and some linked pages on how to handle repair or replacement of these threaded parts.

Bonnet hinge to body 4 #10-32-UNF BD-120
Bonnet hinge to bonnet 6 #10-32-UNF  
Bootlid hinge to body 4 #10-32-UNF BD-120
Bootlid hinge to boot lid 6 #10-32-UNF  
Dash brace to shelf 4 #10-32-UNF  
Demist nozzle to body 4 #10-32-UNF  
Front splash to body 12 5/16-24-UNF  
Front valance panel to body 14 #10-32-UNF  
Heater to shelf 7 10-32-UNF  
Plate to body, petrol seal cover 3 #10-32-UNF  
Rear forward splash from body 4 5/16-24-UNF  
Rear splash from body 6 5/16-24-UNF BD-225
Rear splash to rear wing 2 1/4-28-UNF  
Shift cover to tunnel 8 #10-32-UNF FR-109
Shutface and Rear Wing and to B-post6 #10-32-UNF BD-211 RT-417M1
Striking plate bracket to boot lid3 #10-32-UNF  
Top frame to body, roadster 6 1/4-28-UNF BD-104 RT-204 RT-410M2
Window guide, Coupe, loose bracket snap-in cage nuts 6 #10-32-UNF CP-112G
Windscreen post to body, roadster4 3/8-24-UNF  
Windscreen grab handle to loose bracket snap-in cage nuts 4 #10-32-UNF WT-104
Accellerator pedal to goalpost LHD5 5/16-24-UNF  
Accellerator pedal to goalpost RHD3 5/16-24-UNF  
Body to chassis at A-post 2 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Body from chassis aft of B-post 2 5/16-24-UNF FR-111 BD-215
Body to goalpost side 8 5/16-24-UNF  
Body to goalpost top 9 5/16-24-UNF  
Closure panel from floorboards 4 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Closure panel to goalpost 9 5/16-24-UNF  
Dash mirror to body 2 #10-32-UNF  
Dash to body 3 #10-32-UNF  
Dash to brace 4 #10-32-UNF  
Demist vent to demist nozzle 4 #10-32-UNF  
Dipper switch bracket to goalpost - all RHD 3 1/4-28-UNF  
Floor front boards to frame 16 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Floor rear board RH to frame (12 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Floor rear board LH to frame 11 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Floor rear board LH to tunnel 2 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Floor rear ramp to frame 12 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Floor toe boards to closure plate4 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Floor toe boards to frame 6 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Floor toe boards to tunnel 2 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Grille insert from body 6 1/4-28-UNF  
Headlamp bucket to front wing 8 #10-32-UNF  
Heater intake to heater 3 #10-32-UNF  
Heater motor to heater 3 #10-32-UNF  
Radiator from body 6 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Steering column bracket lower to goalpost 2 5/16-24-UNF  
Steering column bracket upper to body 2 5/16-24-UNF FR-111
Rebound bumper to frame rear 4 5/16-24-UNF  
Wing front to body 22 5/16-24-UNF  
Wing front from body 4 5/16-24-UNF  
Wing rear to body 20 5/16-24-UNF  
Wing rear from body 2 5/16-24-UNF  
Belcrank to body front 1 1/4-28-UNF  
Belcrank to body rear 1 1/4-28-UNF  
Chassis stud 5-way fitting 1 1/4-28-UNF  
Front bumper to chassis extension2 1/2-20-UNF  
Front bumper to end brackets 2 1/2-20-UNF  
Radio speaker plate to dash 3 #10-32-UNF  
Rebound straps to chassis 2 3/8-24-UNF  
Rebound straps to rear axle 2 3/8-24-UNF  

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