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Concept cars are often non-running physical mock ups or models for styling exercize. Prototypes are usually thought of as being nearly complete and operational cars for evaluation and testing. This page shows some of the MGA era concept and prototype cars.

Early concepts Concept Concept 1953 mockups of possible replacements for the TD, by Gerry Palmer

EX-175 1952 ex175 This was the first factory prototype for the MGA, generally based on the 1952 EX-172 Le Mans car (which was actually built on a highly modified MG TD chassis). There were two of these cars built. One car was to become HMO 6, used for wind tunnel tests and installation of some accessories. There were long dealys, and after being used as a test bed for disc brakes, the car was cut up. More information.

EX-179_1954The other car was taken to the Bonneville Salt Flats in the USA, fitted with an under tray, passenger tonneau cover, spats and a bubble type windshield. When the test results were not as expected due to aerodnamic design problems, it was ultimately renamed EX 179 and fitted with a streamlined aerodynamic skin. At one time EX179 held almost 100 International and World speed records. See more about EX-179 Works Competition Cars.

EX-182 When the go ahead was finally given for a new MG model, in 1954, the plans for the HMO 6 were dusted off and a factory designation of EX 182 was given to the new prototype for the MGA. It became one of the works competition cars when it was fitted with the new B-series engine. Four of these were built for the 1955 Le Mans race. See more about EX-182 Works Competition Cars.

EX-197 1954-1964 MGA development car Development "hack" starting life as a preproduction prototype 1500 roadster, later converted to a 1600 Coupe body, sporting varous engines, finally 1842cc with MGB disc brakes. KMO 326. More information

EX-??? 1956 MGA Coupe Prototype MGA Coupe prototype. Developed from a production 1500 roadster chassis 13355 . More information

Twin Cam pre-production prototypes: MGA Twin Cam prototype
More information
MGA Twin Cam prototype
PJB147 (YDL/14/499)
More information
MGA Twin Cam prototype
ORX885 (NDL/13/500)
More information
Frua bodied MGA Frua design possible MGA replacement Concept for the MGA replacement. The Italian coachbuilder Frua built this custom-bodied MGA as a styling study. MG, however, decided it was too "Italian-looking" to put into production as an MG. More information

Modified Coupe MGA Coupe replacement concept Concept for Coupe replacement

1960 MGA Monza GT Coupé 1960 MGA Monza GT Coupé Reg.no: 526 HHW.
Possible prototype for limited production. Used as a vintage racer today. More information

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