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There is much information about originality spread throughout the entire MG Tech section on this web site. This concours section will start with some cross reference links to prior articles dealing with originality and concours specific items. Please do a site search (below) for existing references to "concours" items before asking new questions. Also check the MG Tech section(s) which may be specific to your area of interest. This section will over time grow to include more concours specific information which may have bearing on concours judged show cars. This is not my area of expertice, so anything not already on this site may require some research. Any new information is always welcome.

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XX-xxx - os - CONCOURS specifications - MGA Register Holland
AT-100 - MGA KEY FOB, Original (see accessories)
AT-101B - SPARE KEY, Original For MGA (see accessories)
AT-105A - SCREEN WASHER (see accessories)
AT-106 - The Mystical MGA ASHTRAY (see accessories)
AT-112 - RADIOS, Period Type Brands (see accessories)
AT-119 - WOOD RIM STEERING WHEEL, Original Option (see accessories)

BD-102 - MGA GRILLE (see body)
BD-102GB - GRILLE BADGE for MGA (see body)
BD-102GN - GRILLE NOSE PIECE for MGA (see body)
BD-108 - Splash Seal SPLIT RIVETS (see body)
BD-115 - FENDER PIPING (see body)
BD-125 - RETAINING PLATE for Pedal Excluder (see body)
BD-127 - COWL VENTS Change Of Style (see body)
grille badge front grille badge rear
Book - The MG Series MGA Workshop Manual (see books)
Book - "Original MGA: The Restorer's Guide" (see books)
Book - The MG Series MGA Driver's Handbook (see books)
Book - The MG Series MGA SERVICE PARTS LIST (see books)

BUY-101 - I.D. NUMBERS (see buying)
CB-105A - "DUSTLESS" CARBURETORS (see carburetors)
CH-114 - VALVE COVER PLATES (see engine)
CO-100 - ORIGINAL RADIATOR (see cooling)
CO-100A - RADIATOR CELL CORE (see cooling)
CO-103A - THERMOSTAT (see cooling)
CP-102 - COUPE Interior Appointments (see coupe)
DT-109 - SWITCH KNOBS And BEZEL NUTS, MGA (see dash)

ET-092 - WIRE COLORS (see electric)
ET-102 - SLOW BLOW FUSES (see electric)
ET-112A - WIPER ARMS and BLADES For MGA (see electric)
ET-112B - WIPER BLADES For MGA, Original Rainbow Type (see electric)
ET-122 - GENERATOR STYLE (see electric)

FR111 - Floorboard WELD NUTS (frame) (see frame)
FR111A - Floorboard SCREWS (see frame)
FR111B - Floorboard T-NUTS (seat mounting) (see frame)

FU-109 - FUEL HOSES (see fuel)
GT-101 - FIVE GEARBOXES used in the MGA (see gearbox)
HS-110 - ORIGINAL SHEET METAL (see history)
HR-102D - HEATER OUTLET DOOR Assembly (see heater)
HR-106 - HEATER DATA STAMP (see heater)
HT-121 - Master Cylinder PUSH RODS (see hydraulics)

INT-102 - TOOL ROLL STRAPS (see interior)
INT-108B - DOOR SEALS (see interior)
INT-112 - SEAT TYPES (see interior)
INT-117a - Spare TIRE COVER Material (see interior)
INT-119 - DASH COVER for Coupe, Twin Cam & MK-II (see interior)
INT-128 - PEDAL PADS (see interior)
INT-135 - Steering Wheel CENTER BADGE (see interior)

OF-100A - OIL FILTERS, Original Variations (see engine)
PT-105 - PAINT CODES, BODY & Interior Colors (see paint)
PT-105B - PAINT CODES, Other Than Body Color (see paint)
PS-101 - THREE PROPSHAFTS used in the MGA (see propshaft)

RT-104 - FASTENERS - Original Suppliers (see restoration)
RT-107 - CAR NUMBER PLATE (see restoration)
RT-120 - ROUTING Under Chassis, Fuel, Hydraulic, Electric (see restoration)
SS-103 - BATTERY CABLES (see electric)

TC-203A - BRIDGE PIPES on Brake Calipers (see twin cam chassis)
TC-308C - AIR CLEANER DECAL (see twin cam engine)

TI-101 - TIRE TYPES AND SIZES (see tires)
TS-101A - POZIDRIV SCREWS (see tools)
Tools - MGA TOOL KITS, Traveling (see tools)

TT-100 - TONNEAU COVERS (see tops)
TT-110 - SIDE CURTAINS, for roadsters (see tops)
TT-110H - SIDE CURTAINS, for bolt-on hardtops (see hardtop)
TT-114 - Original CENTER LATCH (see top)
TT-120 - HARDTOPS (see hardtop)

WL-100 - STANDARD WHEEL TYPES (see wheels)

WT-103 - Windscreen GLASS and Sources (see windscreen)
WT-103A - Windscreen DATE CODES (see windscreen)
WT-104 - Windscreen FASTENERS (see windscreen)
WT-106 - Windscreen GRAB HANDLES (see windscreen)
WT-107 - AUSTER Name Plate (see windscreen)
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